Cllr Andrea Reiner speaks out on University Arms Hotel

Cllr Andrea Reiner has spoken out about a City Council proposal to let developers use part of Parker’s Piece during a period of construction at the University Arms Hotel.

She said:

“I am not at all convinced City Council should grant this licence for use of Parker’s Piece. I think the developers could do the job without using Parker’s Piece at all.”

“However, if the Executive Councillor does decide to grant this licence, City Council should negotiate a much better deal than is currently being proposed.”

“Right now the proposal is for the developer to pay £200,000 to City Council. This does not even come close to compensating the residents for the long term cost of losing this precious green space, nor does it correspond to the high value of this space to the hotel and the developer.”

“City Council is considering giving away this part of Parker’s Piece for a song. The Council should work to get a much better bargain and not settle for peanuts from the developer.”

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