Liberal Democrats boost recycling rate

Thanks to good work by the Liberal Democrats on the city council, almost half of the household waste in Cambridge is now recycled.

The latest figures show that more is being recycled this year than 12 months ago.

In May there will be a new house-to-house collection of used batteries. Later in the summer you will be able to take plastic pots, tubs and trays to the recycling points in locations such as supermarkets.

Andrea Reiner said, “I’m proud that we introduced door-to-door recycling in Cambridge. Labour opposed it.”

Midsummer Common “churn” latest

The City’s parks and open spaces officer has met the regional manager of Greene King, owners of the Fort St George, to discuss the deep gouging of the Common and the rubble used to extricate heavy vehicles from the mud. The damage to the Common is going to be made good, including re-seeding.

We are also pleased to report that the ugly bare patch caused by the bonfire on Nov 5th is going to be reseeded for the first time.

Measures are being prepared to limit the size and number of vehicles coming onto the Common. Details will be reported as soon as arrangements have been made after consultation with the pub and the restaurant.