Action on antisocial behaviour

Andrea Reiner and Tim Bick

Lib Dems have taken action aimed at reducing alcohol- related antisocial behaviour in the city centre.

Local campaigner Andrea Reiner commented, “I live in the Park Street Area and noise from late night drinking consistently wakes my young children at night.  This will only get worse as the weather improves.”

Lib Dems have called for a review of all the methods available to tackle this problem. A report will be brought to area committee on 24th Feb.

“We want to check that all the powers are being used effectively,” says Councillor Tim Bick.

The City’s Community Safety Partnership is set to adopt alcohol- related violent crime as one of 3 priorities in its new 3-year plan.

Tim Bick represents the Council in the Partnership.

Andrea Reiner also welcomed moves by the Lib Dems in government to allow the council to impose a levy on late night licenses.

Brunswick Terrace Pavement repaired

Brunswick Terrace’s pavement has finally been resurfaced after 10 months of lobbying by Cllr Sarah Whitebread and local residents. The pavement has now been flattened and is in a much better condition.

Sarah said, “It shouldn’t take this long for the Tory-run County Council to fix. The County’s new budget cuts funding for such repairs even more. These sort of small jobs should be sorted out in a matter of weeks.”

City Council steps in for disabled people

After inaction by the Tory-run County Council, Lib Dems have stepped in and installed three new mobility crossings in the city centre.

The new crossings are on Trumpington Street, Tennis Court Road and Jesus Lane.

“These were among the key sites where wheelchair users said they were struggling,” said Cllr Tim Bick, who campaigned for this.

“There are many more needed in the medieval streets of the city centre, but much more progress could be made if the County recognised their responsibility and didn’t just leave it to the City.”