City Council steps in for disabled people

After inaction by the Tory-run County Council, Lib Dems have stepped in and installed three new mobility crossings in the city centre.

The new crossings are on Trumpington Street, Tennis Court Road and Jesus Lane.

“These were among the key sites where wheelchair users said they were struggling,” said Cllr Tim Bick, who campaigned for this.

“There are many more needed in the medieval streets of the city centre, but much more progress could be made if the County recognised their responsibility and didn’t just leave it to the City.”

City centre bus axed by Tories

Andrea Reiner collecting signatures for petition to save the bus

City Centre green bus

Conservatives on the County Council plan to cut the free city centre shuttle bus completely.

Liberal Democrats have urged them not to, and have launched a campaign against the cut, with hundreds of signatures already for the petition.

Local Lib Dem Andrea Reiner commented “It is a vital service that many older and disabled people rely on just to get into the city centre.”

The city centre bus was introduced to aid access to the city centre once it was pedestrianised. Now the Tories want to stop it.

You can help our campaign to stop the Tory bus cuts by signing our petition online at