Litter and Cigarette Butts in Round Church Street

During a recent meeting of the Jesus Green Association, residents asked me to write to CATS about litter left by students in the area in Round Church Street. I did so, and I am posting below the response I received from the Acting Principal. -Andrea Reiner

>Dear Andrea,
>I have received your letter about the litter and cigarette butts left by CATS and CSVPA students in Round Church Street. Our
>students are currently on holiday, but I will try to reinforce the message about properly disposing of litter and cigarettes >as soon as they return. I shall also instigate, from September, a break rota for teachers to patrol in key areas and alert >any offenders. I will also periodically ask our operations team to do some sweeping. I hope all of these measures go some way >to addressing the issue.
>You may already know that CATS will be moving from its current site to Chesterton (Elizabeth House) next September.
>With best wishes
>Tim Joseph
>Acting Principal
>CATS College Cambridge
>Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 314431
>Mobile: +44 (0) 7825296152

Area Committee Changes Reduce Residents’ Chance to Have Their Say

Cambridge Liberal Democrats fear sweeping changes to the City Council’s area committees could seriously reduce residents’ say in decision making.

The changes mean that all planning matters will be discussed by the full planning committee at the city’s Guildhall rather than in area committees across the city.

And Labour plans to reduce the frequency of area committees which Lib Dems fear will severely impact on residents’ opportunities to hold their councillors to account.

Councillor Rod Cantrill said: “This is a backward step for the City Council. It will mean the loss of local decision making and more decisions will be taken behind closed doors in the Guildhall.

“The frequency of area committees, which provide a regular opportunity for people to speak, will be reduced. Area committees provide an environment for residents to speak without feeling intimidated which the sometimes feel when attending meetings at the Guildhall.

Cllr Mike Pitt said: “Labour has wasted no time in making this move which will lessen residents’ involvement with the City Council. They have taken this decision without consulting residents who will be directly affected by these proposals.”

Area Committee Wrap-up

Lots to report from last night’s area committee – here are the highlights.

Matters arising
Cllr Andrea Reiner reported that she had called in the Parkside Kiosk planning application, so that it would be decided in public at the area committee, rather than delegated to a planning officer for determination.

Open Forum
A member of the public asked about lighting on Jesus Green. Cllr Andrea Reiner reported that the lights on the main diagonal paths would be replaced with new lampposts, in a similar style to those recently delivered on Parker’s Piece, however the lamp posts on Jesus Green would have a single light (not the double hanging lights as on Parker’s Piece).

Future Agenda Items
Cllr Tim Bick suggested that a representative from the Cambridge BID Ltd come to area committee to present its work.

Environmental Improvements
Your local councillors voted for funding to deliver the final proposals under the kite parking project. This is a project that was initiated by former County Cllr Sarah Whitebread, and has been taken up by her successor, Cllr Ed Cearns. We are really happy to see this go forward.

Your local councillors also voted to allocate funding towards introduce a weight limit on King Street. This is great news for residents in a heavily pounded narrow street.

We are grateful to the two residents who gave written representation at the meeting, and the third to attended the meeting to speak in favour of the proposal to fund the “greening” of the boundary between the Adam & Eve Street car park. This is a true environmental improvement project that should improve the appearance of a site which currently has a very industrial appearance. Councillors also called on the council to be sure to maintain the new greenery once it is in place, so that the area benefits from the full impact of the very welcome works.

And finally, under the final item called “West Corridor Funding,” your local councillors voted to allocate funding towards improvement of the paths across Midsummer Common. This proposal will now go to full consultation, but the hope is that it will deliver improvements that increase safety of these vital routes.

Until next time!

Free public wifi in Central Cambridge

Great to see the University has supported free public wifi in central Cambridge.

The Cambridge News reports that “Free public wireless internet launches in central Cambridge today – in time for the Tour de France and the climax of the World Cup. Parker’s Piece, the market square and Senate House Hill are among the areas which have been linked up with wi-fi in a bid to keep residents, visitors and students connected during major events and in their day-to-day lives.”

This is an excellent example of partnership working between City Council and Cambridge University as we delivered the new lights for Parker’s Piece earlier this year.